Best External Hard Drives in 2022, Quick Guide

Best Hard Disk Drives
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When it concerns possessing a video gaming console or film streaming, you most definitely need an HDD that works. In this blog I will present you some of best external hard drives that you won’t regret. You can read in my blog -link at the end of this blog-  about how to choose a good hard disk drive according your needs. Now, let’s start.


LaCie Mobile Drive (1TB to 5TB Best External Hard Drives)

Best for mac put simply the mobile drive, is a spectacular little piece of equipment. That’s not something you can state all that, typically about something as pedestrian as an external disk drive, especially one can be found in at less than five cents per gigabyte for the two-terabyte version.

The cost per gig drops much more. If you choose the three terabyte four terabyte or 5 terabyte systems, the LaCie mobile allows users to support on the go through its easy-to-use software application through either a single click or through a set up automatic backup.

With upwards of 5 terabytes users can store up to five hundred thousand high resolution images or approximately 165 hours of 4k video. The drive works with both mac and windows, though there is a space grey color, specifically created to match the modern-day MacBook.

Let’s face it: external SSDs offer lighter, faster and rather actually, cooler storage, however you’re going to pay a premium per gig for all of that. If you’re after decent performance for luminescent storage and the greatest bang for your buck external hard drives are the way to go and Lacie’s mobile drive is at the head of the pack at about 5 cents per gigabyte for our tester mobile drive, provides solid value and Strong performance and a stunning plan, plus some useful tools to help you get your cash’s worth second wd my passport ultra best runner-up.

LaCie Mobile Drive
LaCie Mobile Drive


Seagate Ultra Touch (1TB & 2TB Best External Hard Drives)

Best for basic use, Seagate’s, backup, plus ultra touch external hard 1TB/2TB, drives, supply a quaint touch of class.

In a market rife with consistently dull plastic in case storage devices, this portable drive is a rare quality in mobile tech texture, it’s covered with a woven fabric that makes it seem like a familiar friendly item in your hand.

Plus, you get some additional peace of mind. It’s simple to password safeguard the ultra touch and your data gets secured with 256-bit aes hardware file encryption. All in all, this drive is well worth the money for windows or mac users standing out in a category.

That’s long reached product status, Seagate external hard drive, backup, plus ultra touch, is the latest in the popular backup plus line. This new drive is upgraded with a woven fabric pattern offering an elegant take on portable drive designs.

The drive comes in black or white and capabilities of a couple of terabytes. The drive does take advantage of USB 3.0 interface but has an adapter for USB-C ports from a security point of view. The Seagate backup, plus ultra touch, has password defense and 256 aes hardware encryption.

The Seagate backup plus ultra touch offers a fair quantity of storage with sufficient performance for the general user. It’s likewise great to see a portable drive that has a various style and stands apart in the field of a number of competitors.

Seagate Ultra Touch
Seagate Ultra Touch


WD My Book (4TB to 20TB Best External Hard Drives)

Best for desktop the WD My book, is a USB based single hard disk in a desktop enclosure. It comes in three to ten terabyte capabilities. With up to 10 terabytes of storage space, the tiny My book drive exudes a self-assurance reflecting of its reliability.

You can trust your My book drive to be the home of your digital life, equipped with wd backup software for windows and apple time, device compatibility for mac. A my book, desktop hard drive can back up your photos, videos, music and documents.

The my book desktop hard drive. Also works excellent with acronis, real image: wd edition software to arrange complete system backups. In addition, as quickly as you get it out of the box, it’s ready and easy to use.

While you can start moving your files, saving memories and supporting wd, backup and WD security. Software application is consisted of to help protect your information. My book drive is likewise suitable with apple time maker with as much as 10 terabytes of capability, as discussed earlier, there’s lots of room to save the huge amounts of images, videos and music.

You like, plus your important files. To conclude, if you’re trying to find a device that you can keep, your large files on wd guarantees, quality efficiency and durability for prolonged periods of use, so you need to truly take the wd my book into severe factor to consider. If you ever decide to buy it, you will not regret your choice.

WD My Book
WD My Book


WD My Passport Ultra (2TB to 5TB Best External Hard Drive)

This one is a really excellent storage device that has an extremely smart design, a nice suite of applications and much more terrific functions. The only thing that you ought to pay attention to prior to buying this, one is the rate because it is a bit pricey.

Nevertheless, it offers fantastic value for the cost and i would extremely suggest this one to you. If you desire one of the best, it has an extremely nice style and it uses a mix of plastic and metal. It looks great, no matter which color you select. Dark blue, the white, red or blue. They all look extremely good you’ll notice that there’s a white activity light which indicates that the device is active in standby or idle. You likewise get a USB type-C port, together with a cable and a type-C to type-A adapter.

It weighs around 0.5 pounds, and it measures 3.2 inches by 4.3 inches, with a density of 0.82 inches.

Furthermore, this design uses an oem drive which is not available on the free market. It has actually formatted ntfs for windows, 8 or windows 7 operating systems, but for mac os x systems, it requires reformatting, it supports strong encryption, and the material is totally unattainable, even if you forget your password.

While testing this one, it realized that the My Passport Ultra worked quietly and it produced no vibration at all. To sum up, i would state that this one has a very great performance. The software, this one, makes supporting information very practical.

WD My Passport Ultra
WD My Passport Ultra


LaCie Rugged Mini (1TB to 5TB Best External Hard Drive)

Best. Overall, anyone who hasn’t heard of LaCie would probably recognize some of the products it makes. The orange band that surrounds its rugged series of discs is renowned, showcasing that it can endure even the most difficult of poundings.

We’re going to take a look at the most accessible alternative in the lineup in this lacey rugged mini examine if you’re unknown LaCie is owned by Seagate. So many of the tools and functions are comparable to Seagate discs.

The LaCie variety, rather than the Seagate range, focuses on type, factor and performance above all else, which is revealed by sets of Porsche style drives and d2 desktop backup disks. That said, the rugged mini doesn’t showcase either, though the casing can handle the harshest environments, the efficiency leaves a lot to be preferred and thinking about the price is much higher than some contending drives it’s a tough sell.

The rugged mini is as heavy as it is large. At 10.6 ounces the drive weighs in 2.4 ounces, more than the buffalo mini station extreme and 4.2 ounces. More than the Seagate go flex turbo.

As a USB 3.0 drive, the rugged mini performed reasonably well copying. 5 gigabytes of combined multimedia drives from the notebook to the drive, took two minutes and 12 seconds a rate of 38.8 megabytes per second, this falls below the average write speed of about six megabytes per second reading. The exact same files from the drive took only one minute and 27 seconds, which is at 58.9 megabytes per second. It beats the category average by slightly more than 6 megabytes per second for anybody who requires serious storage capacity, however fears doing considerable damage to their portable hard drive, the rugged mini fits the bill.

LaCie Rugged Mini
LaCie Rugged Mini


Final Thought about the Best External Hard Drives

Buying guide, speed size, isn’t whatever even when it concerns external drives. Transfer speed is extremely crucial if you transfer files back and forth to a huge drive regularly.

You don’t want to wait permanently for the transfer to complete two primary factors play a role in how quick your drive can operate. The underlying storage innovation and the connector it uses, although some drives, are faster than others in general.

SSDs can process data quicker than HDDs mobility. If you wish to keep your drive on new, when you’re out and about mobility is vital, it needs to be lightweight and little, so you can pack it in a pocket or bag to access it instantly and rapidly.


Preferably, you desire one that does not need an external power, cable, too storage capability. Arguably the most crucial specification to consider when purchasing an external drive is storage space. It’s no good buying a high-speed device with encryption and remote access if it’s not big enough to save your info. You likewise don’t wish to pay through the nose for a drive. You’ll, never ever even come close to filling what size then is finest. Well, that depends on you. If you desire a gadget, that benefits simply moving files, images or other media from one device to the other or simply wish to expand the storage base of your low-end, laptop or tablet, and a mid-range flash drive might be perfect.


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