IPhone 13 | How IPhone 13 look like?

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Iphone 13 | How Iphone 13 look like? Everybody is waiting this new technology, and several questions were asked; can this one bend? how It will look?

We know that Sumsang is already developped new smartphone called Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. This one is characterized by the fact that can be bent which is not the case for Apple 13 pro.

Apple share the very same sharp-edged design as the 12. The cam selections are still surrounded by that box and could resemble a stovetop. The only noticeable difference is the iPhone 13 electronic cameras are now offset diagonally to each other. Apple didn’t even trade-in the lightning port for USB-C.


Iphone 13 Charateristics

The measurements are: 6.1 and 6.7″ screens. Base storage 128GB. same IP68 water resistance. They also both get the very same ceramic shield front glass as in the past, the very same general design with the stainless-steel chassis, the exact same selfie electronic camera hardware and the same charging speeds including MagSafe wireless.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Dimensions (Credit: Apple)

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The 13 Pro designs now likewise get a brand-new Sierra Blue color instead of Pacific blue, with the rest of the color choices remaining the same. This year, the 13 Pro is surprisingly quite a bit heavier, 204 grams instead of 189 on the Iphone 12 Pro. And the brand-new 13 Pro Max is 240 grams instead of 228, so they’re absolutely much heavier! They’re likewise a bit thicker, 7.65 mm instead of the previous 7.4 mm on the iphone 12 Pro models.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro color lineup (Credit: Apple)


A definitely significant modification this year is the brand-new Promotion innovation which enables the display screen to refresh at approximately 120hz. However the very best part about it is that it instantly and dynamically adjusts between 10hz and 120hz depending upon the material you’re seeing. This improvement is much better for battery life.
Throughout the line, and even with a more effective processor, brighter OLED, and somewhat bigger (due to, 20%- smaller sized notch!) screens, all of the iPhone 13 guarantee much better battery life. Given, every brand-new phone has better battery life than the one you bring in your pocket (specifically if it’s a few years old). Still, starting with what Apple promises is 1-to-2 hours more is constantly attracting.

Another cool distinction is that the 13 Pro designs have a brighter display screen that can increase to 1000 nits instead of only 800 on the previous iPhone 12 Pro. The 13 Pro designs now get the new A15 Bionic chip with a few enhancements I want to go over.

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The 16-core neural engine can now run 15.8 trillion operations per second compared to 11 on the A14, and there are other upgrades like a new display screen engine that will be more effective, new video encoders and decoders which assist with video modifying, double the system cache which enhance total efficiency, and a new image signal processor that improves the overall cam quality.

SIM Card

the new iPhone now supports Double eSIM, which means you can have two mobile phone lines without utilizing a physical SIM card at all. Apple mentioned that it now supports more 5G bands, which likely indicates a brand-new Qualcomm X60 modem that was formerly rumored, which will likewise enhance battery life due to better performance.


6x zoom Plage de zoom optique on the 13 Pro and pro max and simply a 2x for the fundamental one, so zoom shots are improved on the new Pro models compared to iPhone 12.

Iphone 13 Camera (Credit: Apple)


There is many characteristics you can check it in Apple  website or check this User Guide. This new product is interesting and you can update your needs with the upgrade options or you have to wait the iPhone 14. In following a quick comparison between the new and old versions.

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