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With iPhone 13 wave, it is important to know to protect and keep your iPhone or any smartphone intact. There are many ways to set about preventing damage to your iPhone and to make sure that no damage concerns it, and most of these people will already know. What you may be less familiar with, nevertheless, is just how crucial it is to carefully select where you store your iPhone. This indicates putting it somewhere when you are carrying it and transferring it in addition to when you aren’t using it.


For instance, where do you keep your iPhone while you’re asleep? Thinking of elements such as this can help you to prevent a broken iPhone and to keep it in generally better condition. When we go to sleep most of us will put our iPhone on bedside cabinet. The factor for this is that the iPhone makes a helpful alarm clock that we can take with us anywhere.



However, there are problems that frequently surround this. To start with many individuals will make the error of keeping their iPhone too close to the edge and after that it is simple to simply knock it when you go to turn it off calling it to fall and strike something with its screen– specifically when fumbling in your sleep to shut the important things up.


Another common issue with doing this is that the power lead is woefully brief. This then indicates that many people will not be able to reach the desk with it and they will rather have to put the phone on the floor. That then of course provides new issues as you might find that you get up in the night and base on it, or that you spill your glass of water on it.


Most of us have another table in the space such as a desk or a chest of drawers and these will be closer to the power products indicating that the cable television doesn’t have to extend and suggesting that you can put it all the method on the table and away from any water. This may not be as practical; however, it implies that you are forced to get up to shut off the alarm– which’s obviously actually a good thing as it implies you’ll be more likely to wake up.


When you just position your phone down, most of us will put it in a various place depending upon where we are at the time– simply dumping it to one side as we are available in from work. This once again is a fast track to a broken iPhone as it will suggest that you never ever understand where it is and can easily sit on it/tread on it/put your tea down on it. Thus, you require to prevent this by having actually a single designated area for keeping your phone.


How to extend iPhone battery life?

1. Activate Low Power Mode.
2. Adjust Screen Brightness.
3. Turn Off Location Services.
4. Turn Off Background App Refresh.
5. Cut Down on Notifications.
6. Switch to Airplane Mode.

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